Karissa + Nathan – Wed

Autumnal red, gold and blue tones. Donuts instead of the traditional wedding cake. Joy in the air. If this peaks your interest and sounds like an amazing wedding, keep scrolling down 😉

Karissa and Nathan’s wedding was set in his family’s backyard. There was an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation as everyone got ready inside their family home. If you could choose a theme for their wedding, it would simply be “family”. Everyone helped each other out in setting up and they had photographs of their parents and grandparents’ wedding days (which I absolutely loved) set at the entrance. Emotions ran high during the ceremony and everyone danced the night away while also enjoying a delicious dinner and goodies from their amazing dessert bar. One of my favorite parts was when they did their “cake cutting” aka devouring donuts cause it was a donut tower instead. SO SO COOL. Part of me wishes we could’ve done this at our own wedding! It was an absolute honor being a part of Karissa and Nathan’s wedding day. Enjoy a few snippets from their wedding below! 🙂

Location: Riverside, CA.

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